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# Subject Posted On Extras Details
1 FOR SALE: eeeee 06/14/2009 small camera icon Details
2 FOR SALE: Test Ad. 12/02/2008 Details
This is a test ad. Trying to determine the maximum number of photos that can be uploaded.
3 WANTED: Satılık doğan l 1992 05/09/2008 small camera icon Details
sahibinden satılık doğan l 92 model araba
4 for sale 06/18/2007 Details
blah blah blah
5 FOR SALE: Slightly Used Sled 01/17/2007 small camera icon Details
Room for lots of elves
6 My car for sale 10/09/2006 Details
7 Free Cars All Over the World 08/18/2006 Details
Free Cars Giveaway

8 FOR SALE: cmbn 12/29/2005 Details
9 FOR SALE: safsafasfd 02/10/2005 Details
want some
10 FOR SALE: Urban Geurilla 03/26/2004 small camera icon Details
She ain't much to look at and will blend in with the surroundings easily. Ideal for use as a get-a-way car for those jobs you don't want to get caught leaving. hee hee

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