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# Subject Posted On Extras Details
1 FOR SALE: Laptop For Sale 12/16/2006 small camera icon Details
2 FOR SALE: SuperComputer 02/19/2006 small camera icon Details
This is a test.
3 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Join our mailing list 07/29/2003 Details
We host the "Computer Wholesale Relay" a service for resellers looking for excess inventory hardware or software. If you are looking for a way to reach just resellers, we can broadcast your 45 line ad to over 3,400 resellers, twice a week for 4 weeks for $50.00 you always have the option to change your ad each time at no charge. Subscribe and see what we're sending out. Just send message to kevink@cablelynx.com subject "subscribe Relay".
4 FOR SALE: Fukitsu 21 Inch Monitor 05/18/2003 small camera icon Details
Good big monitor, surplus to my requirements
5 FOR SALE: Web Server 04/30/2002 small camera icon Details
Some of a gun. This is the one. A hackers delite. This baby can be used to crack the big boys. It has lived in a bull pen and has never been scrammed.
Complete with anonomizer. So you see this is the one. Crack, Hack or Phreak. You make the call. Unmarked bills only
6 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: jack 11/03/2001 Details
an add is an add is an add
7 FOR SALE: Very, Very old computer... 06/27/2001 small camera icon Details
so old you wouldn't believe. Occupy's my whole bedroom. Cannot ship it, don't know what to do with it...
8 IBM Thinkpad 05/23/2001 Details
This is a great machine.
SAS-selectable. Not used as a portable or mobile machine - used primarily as a desktop.
Teriffic word processor/internet machine.
9 FOR SALE: 486 133Mhz 04/23/2001 small camera icon Details
Complete system with peripherals, 40" Packard Bell monitor, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse. Great gaming platform for Macintosh, Windows, Sony, Speakers. Includes free 1989 buick with new set of snow tires and a black weiner dog.
10 FOR SALE: 286X 06/02/2000 small camera icon Details
Great, it's value originates from antique sale

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