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# Subject Posted On Extras Details
1 FOR SALE: test 5 07/27/2009 Details
2 My Cat is Cute 11/21/2006 Details
my cat is very cute
3 FOR SALE: Precision metal pet carrier 10/31/2004 Details
Used about 6 months for a mini dachshund (cocker spaniel sized), fold down and carry handle type, plastic tray not metal tray. PayPal or Cashier's Check only! becca.enyard@comcast.net or 360-675-6383 Noon-Midnight only please! Leave message if not in.
4 FOR SALE: My Test Caption 02/14/2003 small camera icon Details
I just want to sell it ASAP
5 FOR SALE: Cute kittens 06/04/2002 Details
now is the time for all cats to come to the aid of their party.
6 BEST OFFER FOR: small grey and white cat 04/03/2002 Details
This cat is all that and more
7 WANTED: L'ami des chiens* 12/05/2001 Details
L'achat et l'Úlevage des chats ? ces une question ?
8 FOR SALE: Dog-Cat 08/13/2001 small camera icon Details
Rare "cog" or "dat" for sale. Comes when
called. Has attitude of cat but behavior
of dog.
9 CATS 'R Us 08/05/2001 small camera icon Details
Lords of the house, anyhouse that is, take me home and welcome to slavery.
For dogs you are a master, for cats you're just staff.
10 BEST OFFER FOR: Large male cat 08/03/2001 small camera icon Details
This cat sheads a bag of black hair a day. He eats all day and stinks up the house (he is litter pan trained) Always in the way, fights with the dog, and never hurts a mouse.

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